Unique Equipale Chair Ideas, Equipale Mexican Furniture

Larry Walker May 13, 2019

Unique Equipale Chair Ideas – Equipale Mexican Furniture. Equip myself with luxury furniture with Mexican furniture and traditional decoration is derived from the word azala impala, which means the seat. At that time, Hernán Cortez appointed the titles as representatives of social status. It can be made of pigs or grasses, cedar or Ixtele, a […]

Elegant Klismos Chair Design, a Short History of the Chair

Larry Walker March 5, 2019

Elegant Klismos Chair Design – a Short History of the Chair. The chairs you can imagine have a long history, if the man (and the woman) sat in a nice or comfortable place, because it was accessible, it was available and, above all, it was “authorized”. Why “authorized”? In this story, the chairs reflect the […]

Duncan Phyfe Chairs, Furnishing a Home With Reproduction Furniture

Larry Walker December 25, 2018

Duncan Phyfe Chairs – Furnishing a Home With Reproduction Furniture. When decorating a house, it is not easy to define a specific decorative theme. Of course, some have an “oriental room” or an “Egyptian room” or similar, but many people just want a room that looks different. They do not want to adapt to the usual […]

Chippendale Chairs, How to Spot Genuine Antique Dining Chairs

Larry Walker November 6, 2018

Chippendale Chairs – If you invest in antique chairs, it is not always easy to see the true antiquities of a fake. The old 18th century dining chairs were restored several times during the Victorian era and throughout the 20th century. These coins can therefore be described as revitalizing or even as a reproduction rather […]